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Bema and Pa's

Bema and Pa's
Vegan Ice Cream
or "I Scream"


*1 cup Silken Tofu
-or double Banana if not using Tofu
* 1/2 cup of your favorite frozen berry's or fruit

* 1/4 cup of Bema and Pa's Vinegar (combine your favorite flavors)
Blend Tofu, Banana and Berries, in a blender, until smooth. If your Banana's are frozen solid, you may go through a "crumbly" stage. Don't worry, Just scrape down the sides and continue to blend until smooth.

Now add your favorite "Bema and Pa's" Fruit Flavor, we suggest... Raspberry, Chocolate or Strawberry but Coconut and Pineapple work just as well! Blend this again until smooth. Add some Fresh Berries on top or Even a few chopped Nuts (Yum) and ENJOY!

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Most Asked Questions:

Most Asked Questions:


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Most Asked Questions:
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The Three Most Asked Questions:

1.  What Is Balsamic?

2. Why Is It Thick?

3. Do You Add Sugar?

1.  Balsamic Vinegar comes from grapes and much like wine, the different grapes used will give a different flavor and also effect the sweetness, like white wine is sweeter than red wine kinda thing. 

2.  I basically have 3 kinds of Balsamics.  Not Reduced i.e Apple, Black Cherry, Grapefruit to name a few.  These can be made from both white and dark grapes, have the Strongest Balsamic taste and have less Natural Sugar because they aren't reduced or concentrated.  Then there are White Balsamics made from white grapes only and are reduced a little making them sweeter and a little thick (some are Jalapeno Lime, Coconut, Sesame Ginger).  Lastly there are the Dark Balsamics like Cucumber Melon, Garlic Cilantro & Smoke to name a few.  These are reduced the most so are the thickest and just a little sweet. If you go to my website and click on a particular Balsamic, it tells you which is which.  When I mention Reduced it’s a cooking technique called Reduction that in plain terms, cooks away the natural water that’s in a balsamic.  Think of boiling a pot of water on the stove.  The water will gradually disappear if you keep cooking it.  That’s because you heat the water turning it into vapor which then goes into the air.  Eliminating some of the water will concentrate the Balsamic.  The flavors get richer and the Balsamic gets thicker.                                              

3.  Now as for ingredients, they all start from some sort of  Base Balsamic.  The Base is made from Grape Must (juice, seeds, skin all fermented down together), White or red wine vinegar and then the actual ingredient being Infused.  For example the Garlic Cilantro has grape must, red wine vinegar, garlic and cilantro.  That’s it! 


With the singular exception of Honey Ginger Garlic Infused which has honey added,  there are no added sugars or sweeteners of any kind. They also have No Fat, No Oil and No Salt added of any kind.  There is a little sodium naturally but none is Ever Added!

 Want to see nutritional facts?  I've added pictures of every one to each iof the Balsamics and each balsamic has the ingredents listed...just click on an infusion to see.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 02 May, 2017.
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