Bema and Pa ’s Fig Brulee'

Chef hat man

Serves: 1


2 whole

Fresh ripe figs

2 tsp. White table sugar or equiv.
1 Tbsp. Bema and Pa's Fig Balsamic



Cut figs in half lengthwise. Lay them skin-side down on a flameproof surface such as a cookie sheet. Find a safe place to use your torch. If you don't have one, you can also use the broiler on high and carefully watch to avoid burning

2. Put a good mound of sugar on the cut surface of each fig half completely covering as best you can
3. Turn on your torch and working quickly, move back and forth over each fig turning the sugar into a melting dark brown syrup which will rapidly turn to "glass:" when you remove the torch

Transfer the figs carefully to serving plates and drizzle on Bema and Pa's Fig Balsamic.


You can also first top with a good quality vanilla ice cream and then drizzle on Bema and Pa's Fig Balsamic for an extra yummy dessert!